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Goodbye Kent & Bristol Begins

Moved from Folkestone in Kent to Bristol in Bristol (or in Avon or Gloucester or is it Somerset), In January 2014, to seek fame and fortune but instead I've ended up working in a call centre. After staying in hostels the first month i found a small room in Stokes Croft and my journey to establish myself as an Art Super Power can begin.
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Beer Brain

Random Stuff Posted on 26 Jul, 2014 01:36

Dave Does Doodles

Random Stuff Posted on 26 Jul, 2014 01:00

Check out Dave Does Doodles to see some rough crude biro drawing, filthy pen action.

This is from Mickey Mouse has had better days series, from time to time, for a bit of funsmiley i like to draw Mickey Mouse suffering. I don’t know why it just feels right.

Couple of Birds

Random Stuff Posted on 25 Jul, 2014 22:44

What the Blog

Dave Does Blog Posted on 25 Jul, 2014 18:51

I suppose writing this blog is perhaps the most annoying thing I’ve ever had to do, I can’t think of anything worse than reading the sort of tripe and rubbish that is probably posted on “Blogs” (and will be on this one). I’m sure there are good blogs out there, blogs that are thought provoking or maybe even groundbreaking a sharing of thoughts and ideas, emotions blah blah blah etc.
But this one I doubt it, I ‘m currently being held at gun point and forced to write this shite. My partner thinks its a good idea to write a blog but i’m not so certain, In order to give me some motivation in writing this blog she bought a gun, a big fuckin shiny one, if only she would stop waving it at me and laughing! then maybe I might be able to concentrate.
Anyway I intend to stick the odd picture and drawing on this blog, so you can see what i’m up to and to give people back in Kent a chance to see what a massive bell-end I still am and how “Talent” can be squandered and is probably best left where it was.
So if you’ve managed to read this then thank you! congratulations you have passed the first test and may proceed to the next level, to where bad grammar and the linear mind rotting bubble on the brain forming tripe will continue. I hope you will enjoy the updates and all the other crap, mass tedium etc of an artist/illustrators life on blog, about as exciting as watching paint dry (which actually is the main part of my profession).

The Management

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