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Goodbye Kent & Bristol Begins

Moved from Folkestone in Kent to Bristol in Bristol (or in Avon or Gloucester or is it Somerset), In January 2014, to seek fame and fortune but instead I've ended up working in a call centre. After staying in hostels the first month i found a small room in Stokes Croft and my journey to establish myself as an Art Super Power can begin.
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Dave Does Menu

Dave Does Blog Posted on 02 Nov, 2017 14:49

Here is a little design I have done for the Aviator Bar Pizza menu, Its a nice pub with a vegetarian food menu and live music. They will be showing a drawing of mine over the next month or so and plan to have a regular rotation of artists showing there so get in touch if you want to show your work or if you fancy a pizza.


Dave Does TV

Dave Does Blog Posted on 14 Aug, 2017 20:07

I will be appearing on a LIVE broadcast called “The Crunch” a Made in Bristol TV show to promote my current exhibition “Brush and Biro” Which finishes on Friday), fingers crossed everything goes well and no one gets hurt. View the spectacle Wednesday evening around 6ish? I think.


Dave Does City Hall

Dave Does Blog Posted on 07 Aug, 2017 20:07

Thats right! I’ve have a week to show my wares at The Vestibules, City Hall, Bristol. It’s on from Monday the 14th to Friday 18th of August and will be open until 6:30pm all week and I will be there to welcome you. It should be a good sized collection of Oil paintings and Illustrations I’ve created over the last few years. Hope you can make it.

Dave Does Free Harmony Day

Dave Does Blog Posted on 25 May, 2017 21:19

I will be at the Free Harmony Day festival on Sunday 28th at 8 Brunswick Square. Should be a fun day, pop in if you get the chance..

Dave Does Arts Trail

Dave Does Blog Posted on 12 May, 2017 19:19

Hope to see you all this weekend at the SOUTHBANK CLUB on Dean lane in Bristol. I will be showing a bunch of Oil Paintings and a load of drawings. See you there

Dave Does Canada

Dave Does Blog Posted on 18 Mar, 2017 17:21

A little look at my latest A2 biro drawing ‘Canada’ commissioned as a wedding present, the happy couple are going to Canada for their honeymoon.
you can see a larger version here

Dave Does Spiralling Exhibition

Dave Does Blog Posted on 27 Feb, 2017 18:29

Come join us for a week of fabulous art, arranged by the talented Spin of the Spiralling Network. This is the second exhibition and probably the most important exhibition in Bristol this year (because i’m in it). So don’t be a sad F$&ker and come join us. Free entry and preview on Monday the 6th of March.

Dave Does Xmas Call Centre

Dave Does Blog Posted on 14 Dec, 2016 18:29

Just wanted to share the Christmas excitement we are all feeling at the call centre.
Not Christmas

Dave Does Xmas Market

Dave Does Blog Posted on 11 Dec, 2016 11:03

A couple of drawings made at the Southbank Club Christmas market on 10th of Sat, unfortunately it rained the whole day.

South Bank Xmas Market

Dave Does Blog Posted on 03 Dec, 2016 13:03

Come join me at the South Bank Club, Bristol for a Christmas market on the 10th of Dec, I will be selling my latest prints and limited edition Xmas cards. So come join us for fun festive and blah blah blah you get the point oh and bring money:)

Bristol Pound

Dave Does Blog Posted on 16 Oct, 2016 21:21

Taking the Mickey

Dave Does Blog Posted on 12 Oct, 2016 18:34

Found an Old Mickey drawing

Dave Does Job

Dave Does Blog Posted on 30 Sep, 2016 17:21

I’m putting the markets on hold for the time being as I’m coming up with ideas and finishing off commissions. If you are interested in buying work then email me I have prints and originals for sale from my A3 drawings section and posting them is fairly easy. I may also be working in some sort of call centre soon in order to scrape a few pennies together as the last year doing markets has been a bit lean.

Saturday at the Harbourside

Dave Does Blog Posted on 16 Sep, 2016 17:06

I will be at the Harbourside Market in Bristol for the next couple of Saturday’s 17th and 24th could be one of the last chances to get affordable work direct from the artist before I get all rich and fancy.


Dave Does Tobacco Factory

Dave Does Blog Posted on 26 Aug, 2016 11:51

I will be at the Harbourside market on Saturdays this month, I will also be trying a new market this weekend, a couple of Sundays at The Tobacco Factory market 28th of August and 4th of September I hope if your in the area you’ll be able to pop in and have a look.

Dave Does Saturdays

Dave Does Blog Posted on 18 Aug, 2016 13:54

I will be at the Harbourside Market on Saturdays of this month and September so come cheer me up, I’m dropping Sunday markets like the dead dog it is from my itinerary, if you still want to see me Sunday then u’ll have to come to my house and bang on my door. I will also be selling a new Signed Print the first edition run of 10.
and for any one interested these are the latest pictures from the Illustrate exhibition which is on till the end of August at The Grant Bradley Gallery in Bristol.

Balloon Fiesta

Dave Does Blog Posted on 13 Aug, 2016 01:11

If you get a chance after visiting Bristol’s Balloon Fiesta come see me at the Harbourside Market, I will be selling my wears Saturday and Sunday. To mark the occasion I have a special print this weekend

Dave Does Showcase

Dave Does Blog Posted on 02 Aug, 2016 13:20

Little message to say I will be appearing in the Grant Bradley Gallery from Friday 5th (preview) – 27th August as part of their Illustration showcase.
I will be showing a couple of Original A3 biro drawings and I hope you can all make it

Dave Does Design

Dave Does Blog Posted on 26 Jul, 2016 12:26

Just a little post saying i’m open for design work, and If you didn’t know then i’m available for tattoo designs, albums/book covers, Large oil paintings and any random pictures you might need drawn plus cartoon portraits. Send me an email if you want something special designed, nothings too strange.

I will be curbing the amount of markets that I do in the future as most of the time they are a waste of time.

Here’s two examples completed this week and last week for a very nice chap, I did an assortment of rough designs for him under his specifications, once we were both happy with the designs I drew the finished pictures using Fine liner, biro, Indian ink and then scanned them onto computer and finished them off. If your interrested in other examples then check out my commissions page on


Dave does chair gag

Dave Does Blog Posted on 08 Jul, 2016 15:55

Markets at the Harbourside again this weekend lets hope this Saturday is better than last Saturday where I ended up selling nothing all day and fell through my camping chair.

Market Dates

Dave Does Blog Posted on 28 Jun, 2016 22:25

I will be appearing at the Harbourside Market in July on the following dates:

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd,
Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th,
Market closed for Harbourside Festival,
Saturday 23rd,
Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st of July.

See you there

Sunday 26th at Harbourside

Dave Does Blog Posted on 25 Jun, 2016 23:40

Hi guys I will be at the Harbourside Market next to Tobias Illustrate deep in the heart of the covered market so I don’t mind if it rains. See you there

North Street Fair

Dave Does Blog Posted on 24 Jun, 2016 17:56

Hi Guys
I hope you can all join me tomorrow for the North Street Summer Fair.

You can all hangout under my Gazebo whilst it pisses down with rain.
I have coloured whales and cards and all manner of goodies see you there


Dave Does Downpour

Dave Does Blog Posted on 20 Jun, 2016 17:14

It rained at the market on Sunday, I asked if I could move to some cover but was told give it half hour, it rained all day. I was the only trader outside that day and to make it worse someone asked me in the morning to put aside some prints for him to collect after lunch but he never came back and I waited in the rain for him.

Dave Does Dimensions

Dave Does Blog Posted on 20 Jun, 2016 17:08

Saturday at the Market
I was asked to “consolidate my stall in the future” as I am only allowed 1 metre of space regardless of the space I’m in.

Dave Has Banner

Dave Does Blog Posted on 11 Jun, 2016 20:39

Markets Saturday and Sunday at the Harbourside in Bristol. Come see my new banner (if i’m allowed to have it up) hope to see you all there.

Dave Does Colour additional

Dave Does Blog Posted on 10 Jun, 2016 21:57

“Puppet Master”

Dave Does Colour

Dave Does Blog Posted on 09 Jun, 2016 20:22

After some time, tears and you tube tutorials I’ve gradually become more competent at colouring in my drawings on computer, you might have noticed the market blogs getting more colourful. While I am at the market over the weekend I tend to do the odd drawing of myself. (see below)I’m improving I’d prefer to oil paint but I don’t have the space or money for a studio so i’m forcing myself to colour on computer and I’m getting better results

Most of my biro drawings will remain black and white as some (I believe) are impossible to colour, but others might receive a make-over. I would be interested in hearing your opinions on me colouring them in on computer, whether I should carry on or maybe do it some other way, so if you do have an opinion i’d love to hear it please leave a comment for me.

Markets and Fairs

Dave Does Blog Posted on 20 May, 2016 16:23

Signed limited edition prints and posters only found here at the Harbourside
Market. Saturdays and Sundays through out May and June, 2016

Then on the 25th of June I will be at the North Street Fair where you will be able to see a broader range of Artwork including original oil paintings

Hope to see you there

Back at the Harbourside in April

Dave Does Blog Posted on 04 Apr, 2016 12:47

Im back at the Harbourside market in the centre of Bristol, I will be selling my usual tat and brand new A1 posters of my Fishtank drawing.

These are my market dates
Sunday 10th April,
Sunday 17th April,
Sat 23rd April,
Sunday 24th April,
Sat 30th April

click here for more about the Harbourside market

BS4 Market this Sunday

Dave Does Blog Posted on 02 Apr, 2016 14:33

Come see me at the BS4 Market on Sunday 11am till 3pm, I will be in Totterdown BS4 2AL selling my wares check the markets website for more details. See you there

Seani Bwoi

Dave Does Blog Posted on 25 Feb, 2016 20:24

A little look at the front cover of an EP that I am designing for a Bristol based music maker called Seani Bwoi. Lets hope he likes it. The track he sent me sounds really good. Seani Bwoi, “MyHeadYourSpeakers”. I will update this post with more information and contact details when I get them as he is still in production.


Dave Does Blog Posted on 17 Feb, 2016 14:47

Hello folks I have an exclusive preview of a biro drawing called Fishtank created over the last few months Jan-Feb 2016. I finished it yesterday so if you would like to see it then click here or you can find it in my Galleries section on the website.

The full picture of Fishtank on my website is low scale so you’l be unable to steal a good copy of it (caz) i’m looking to get it printed when I have the funds but its rather large A0 + so it will be an investment.

In an Article

Dave Does Blog Posted on 03 Feb, 2016 15:54

The Spiralling
Met a nice person called Spin at the markets over the summer turns out shes a talented writer that blogs about creative types that she meets. She was kind enough and took time out of her day to write a nice little piece about my art. Check it out.

Also I was doing a commission piece for a lady named Sonya I believe. (it involved dragons owls and a double helix) but I do not have her email if your reading this then please drop me an email.


In a Gallery at last

Dave Does Blog Posted on 14 Dec, 2015 13:43

Its only taken a year and half since moving to Bristol and harassing galleries but finally a gallery has thrown me a bone. A small meter by 40 cm bone but a bone none the less. I’m showing the above picture and hopefully afew bits and pieces in the future. You can check out the gallery (Its all 2 Much Gallery) along Gloucester Road (Stokes Croft) its their Xmas show, and they have a nice website to look at.

Anyway The last full moon market is on this coming Saturday 19/12/15 so I hope to see you all there, If you have read this then just tell me when you see me at the market, and I’ll let you choose a free signed limited edition print for Xmas.
The only reason I do this is not for Xmas cheer/spirit its because I don’t think anyone reads this blog so stay tuned for more giveaways.

Christmas Makers Market

Dave Does Blog Posted on 01 Nov, 2015 17:08

Hi folks I’ll be appearing at the Makers Market on the 29th of November.Also I’ve stopped doing the Harbourside Market as i’m sick of getting rained on and my prints ruined so I’m putting it on hold due to shite weather, my next market will most likely be Sat the 14th of Nov at the Full Moon Market.

Christmas Markets

Dave Does Blog Posted on 28 Oct, 2015 20:17

Merry Market
Hello all, Its your little ray of sunshine here just a little message to say you can find me down the market at The Full Moon (bottom of Stokes Croft, Bristol) every Saturday from November to December. I’ll be selling signed limited edition prints for a seasonal price as well as some original artwork which would be the first time I’ve sold Original Work in Bristol so might be worth a look. There will also many other talented people at the Full Moon Market so it be worth checking out.
Full Moon Market

Dave Does Market

Dave Does Blog Posted on 24 Sep, 2015 16:14

Well I’ve been doing markets for around 2 months now and its had its ups and downs. I’ve been doing the Bristol Harbourside Market and the Full Moon market in Stokes Croft and so far I have been enjoying myself. I drag my prints and equipment a couple of miles from my house to market via a sack truck, in the process I’ve lost wheels , wheels broken off and one wheel that was worn down to the metal fittings, and some days I’ve literally had to drag my prints back home (see picture below).
But on the whole its been a good experience. I have met plenty of interesting people and hope to meet many more. I now have work in the Co-Lab gallery in Bristol City center and some possible collaborations in the future. On the whole the public have been very supportive. and a Big Thank You to all those that have bought my prints. and I hope to see the rest of you down the market.

Harbourside Market (Bristol City Center, near the fountains) every Sat & Sun
Full Moon Market (Full Moon Pub, Stokes Croft, Bristol) first Sat of every Month

Amnesia cards have arrived

Dave Does Blog Posted on 26 Jun, 2015 14:55

I have received my new business cards today from the printers and I’d like to share some words of wisdom about designing a card.

Making a business card is very much like making love to a beautiful woman.

First you need to put your designs on her be clear and simple and show what you can do, raise your font, be bold and have a glossy finish.

Overall it doesn’t matter what it looks like just make sure she remembers it, be careful with her edges and watch out for bleed.

Hope that helps with your own cards. Personally I don’t think business cards help all that much, just a bit easier when meeting lots of folk or leaving a chunk of cards at a gallery or show for people to roach.

To be honest I haven’t a clue what to put on them, “will paint/draw for cash” seems naff. I tend to put all projects considered but even that still sounds like I’m soliciting for the purpose of prostitution. I’m selling artwork its similar.

I couldn’t link one sale I’ve made in the past directly to me giving out a business card. definitely not essential, suppose I just enjoy whipping it out (cards I mean) and slapping it around, see film American Psycho when they are comparing business cards that kind of ego satisfaction of having your name in print etc. Possibly they might come in handy if I get even more senile or take a blow to the head and forget who i am, to have 500 little bits of card with my name and number on it would be useful and might give me a clue.

The Management

Here are some examples of previous cards.

“Pity” the major tool I use as an artist

Dave Does Blog Posted on 12 Jun, 2015 15:39

Been a while since the last Blog. I intended to use this blog as a starting chart to document my rise to power in the art world. But its quickly become apparent that this blog is more an artist obituary charting my failures and lows. Its mostly out of obligation and guilt that I write this, I turned 32 at the end of May, maybe its my new sense of maturity or realization of impending doom but i decided that if I can’t exhibit my work in galleries around Bristol then I will exhibit in the next best place… a CAR-BOOT sale! in Bristol!

A car-boot? is the wrong place for artwork I hear you say. Perhaps, but cut out the middle man I thought go straight to the punters I thought and as they sift through other peoples wares and used plastic shit they will discover my stall, a rare gleaming gem with one off limited edition prints signed by the artist for a low, low price! how could anyone refuse.

So there I was Sunday 6am my backpack packed on my back with my trusty limited edition prints ready to go. I carried it to Clifton Car-boot only 10 mins walk away. The morning dew was thick on the ground as I laid out my drawings in a line in front of me. I used tent pegs to keep them from blowing away in the wind and I setup a kind of browser out of a collapsable coat hanger rack with around 20 A3 drawings hung with sticky tape from coat hangers for perusal. All I had to do now was sit back, put my least creepy smile on and wait for the money to roll in. See illustration below:

The people of the car-boot actively avoided my stall, there was a wide birth lets say. Some accidentally strayed into my zone like a lost deer on the road looking for baby shoes, they bolted as soon as they realized that there were no racks of boiled clothes or chewed up plastic toys for sale. The only other bloggable action that happened this day was a little kid that trampled over my prints looked around realized he’d taken a wrong turn and then trampled back over them again. In the 5-6 hours I sat there a few souls did stray into my into my stall, maybe they were lost or bored, these early morning zombies would idly flick through my browser, then within just a few seconds of looking would make a face and depart.
I couldn’t work out whether it was me?, the drawings, location or the naff way I presented them?, maybe all of the above.

I guess car-boots are not the right place for artwork, I had to find out for myself just incase. I’m used to my art being ignored I expect it as part of the job, it did remind me of doing group shows where even in a packed room a massive empty void would usually appear in front of my work (even tho its awesome and far superior to any one else’s in the room of course but) “not my cup of tea” would be the mantra from the art folks at the private view. At least in this car-boot they weren’t expecting quality artwork so its forgivable that they would avoid it.
SO anyway, that was that over by early afternoon. When the organizers came over to collect the fee they took pity on me and only charged me a fiver. Pity has always been the major tool I use as an artist.

As I’m a glutton for punishment and a slow learner I might do another one just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, plus it will be good practice for my next big idea… a Market stall.

Yours Sincerely
The Management

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