Well I’ve been doing markets for around 2 months now and its had its ups and downs. I’ve been doing the Bristol Harbourside Market and the Full Moon market in Stokes Croft and so far I have been enjoying myself. I drag my prints and equipment a couple of miles from my house to market via a sack truck, in the process I’ve lost wheels , wheels broken off and one wheel that was worn down to the metal fittings, and some days I’ve literally had to drag my prints back home (see picture below).
But on the whole its been a good experience. I have met plenty of interesting people and hope to meet many more. I now have work in the Co-Lab gallery in Bristol City center and some possible collaborations in the future. On the whole the public have been very supportive. and a Big Thank You to all those that have bought my prints. and I hope to see the rest of you down the market.

Harbourside Market (Bristol City Center, near the fountains) every Sat & Sun
Full Moon Market (Full Moon Pub, Stokes Croft, Bristol) first Sat of every Month