I have received my new business cards today from the printers and I’d like to share some words of wisdom about designing a card.

Making a business card is very much like making love to a beautiful woman.

First you need to put your designs on her be clear and simple and show what you can do, raise your font, be bold and have a glossy finish.

Overall it doesn’t matter what it looks like just make sure she remembers it, be careful with her edges and watch out for bleed.

Hope that helps with your own cards. Personally I don’t think business cards help all that much, just a bit easier when meeting lots of folk or leaving a chunk of cards at a gallery or show for people to roach.

To be honest I haven’t a clue what to put on them, “will paint/draw for cash” seems naff. I tend to put all projects considered but even that still sounds like I’m soliciting for the purpose of prostitution. I’m selling artwork its similar.

I couldn’t link one sale I’ve made in the past directly to me giving out a business card. definitely not essential, suppose I just enjoy whipping it out (cards I mean) and slapping it around, see film American Psycho when they are comparing business cards that kind of ego satisfaction of having your name in print etc. Possibly they might come in handy if I get even more senile or take a blow to the head and forget who i am, to have 500 little bits of card with my name and number on it would be useful and might give me a clue.

The Management

Here are some examples of previous cards.